The Origins of the Project:

This project started about 8 months ago with a desire to recreate the Twin Towers as they once stood, and make them live and breath again in the cities of the EA/Maxis game, SimCity4. With the memory of 9/11 still in the minds of many people across the world, Maxis decided not to recreate these beautiful towers as they had done in their previous release of their award winning SimCity series. Though it might have been a good public relations move, the vast majority of people who owned the game wanted to recreate their own perfect New York. And the southern tip of Manhattan just isn't the same without these two lingering beasts of steel and concrete. So I started on my quest to rebuild the Twin Towers with every miniscule detail possible. And luckily there were a lot of people with links and pictures on hand that have helped make it as realistic as possible.

The Plan of Action:

The first step for this project was to get the Twin Towers done. I had originally just planned on doing One and Two World Trade, but as the project progressed there was a general consensus that instead of just doing the Twin Towers, the entire complex should be created. Since the other buildings and the many small details of the plaza were going to add another month of build time, I decided to finish up the two towers and release them to the public. When the towers were nearing completion, it was obvious from the replies that I got that I couldn't make everyone wait another month to place them in their virtual New York. So the towers were released about a month ago and were, within the first 2 weeks, the most downloaded user created building on Simtropolis.

In the month following the release of One and Two World Trade, I have gotten quite a bit done on the rest of the complex. The Marriott Hotel, Four, Five and Six World Trade have been completed. And now I'm working on Austin J. Tobin Plaza and all of the sculptures and planters that were scattered in the many acres that made up the complex. Currently I'm taking a break from modeling to figure out the game mechanics that the complex will have. Once completed it will act like it once did in real life. It will have a functional parking garage and subway station, it's own police, fire and power production capabilities as well as provide fifty thousand commercial jobs.

Images of the Progress:

Detail shots of the roofs of One and Two World Trade.






Day/Night image showing a close up of the entry.









Four, Five, and Six World Trade in that order.







Close up of the Fountain in the center of Austin J. Tobin Plaza.







An overview of the complete lot. Main St. will be added along the bare space in front.